Friday, December 30, 2011

What Are You Doing New Years Eve?

It's a very common question for everyone after celebrating Christmas. Even my Mom and Dad has already prepared to attend a special dancing event in a hotel with their favorite friends.
For me, I'd usually like to enjoy my New Year's Eve with my favorite crowd at a common place/friend's house, having a BBQ and chatting and laughing all night long. Sadly, my boyfie will not attend since he's enjoying a trip with his family, far far away in USA (grrr,, I'm a bit jealous actually!).. thus I decided to join my High School crowd tomorrow.. YIHAA..!!

I've been out of inspiration lately.. But I just cannot stop thinking what would be my New Year's resolution for 2012? What if I break it down again..? However, a nice idea popped out last night, and I tweeted (so that I can read it again whenever I forgot): "My New Year's Resolution is NOT making any resolution. I just want to go with flow, be thankful and be happier (than last year).."

As simple as that.

See you until next year,, and OH better late than never, 


Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Inner Child

Ho ho hoo it's December already, it means HOLIDAYYYY time..
Well, my plan with family doesn't go as it should.. I supposed to go overseas, but my Dad is not really well.. So we decided to postponed the holiday until everyone's ready and healthy!

The good news: My baby is back home for goodddd...!!! And it means, no more Long Distance Relationship! YAYYYYY!!
I'm currently waiting for my boyfriend to pick me up before dinner, but the traffic in Jakarta is total nightmare, especially in this rainy season. I cannot explain how it relates, but that's how it goes.. =S
As I have so much time to pick my outfit, I took some pictures of details of what I'm currently wearing right now..

I have this shirt for too long, and just found it two weeks ago, drown in an old suitcase, yet this shirt is new with the tag still hang on its label.. Hahaha..

Also, this ring has been in my jewelry box since I was... errr.. 9 y.o..? See how small my finger was? Hehehe..
Ahhhh,,, I've been waiting for 2 hours and it's getting boring at home.......!!!

I wish you all enjoy your day wherever you are..