Friday, April 29, 2011

W love K

Wish them happily ever after <3

The most awaited wedding of the year, Prince William and Kate Middleton has finally tied their knot. Like watching Disney's movie, all the girls around me are wandered and amazed by the Royal Wedding 2011. Comments were about the Alexander McQueen's dress, her make-up, the hair-do, the big hats, and even Prince William's hair (if you know what I mean).

My boyfriend has already started to make me jealous since last week. He said that he wanted to attend his brother's wedding. And finally realize that Prince William is his "bro" since they share the same Father's name. DUH!

Talking about a wedding, my bestfriend soon will be marry. And she gave me a nice fabric for me to make my own dress. The problem is, I couldn't decide which kind of dress should I make.. 
Here I want to post some pictures that inspires me the most...

I am more confuse now....


  1. OOOh! You are so luky!! Love Mango!
    Thanks for your comment!

  2. Kate looked gorgeous in her wedding dress.

    I love the third dress down in your post.


  3. yeah, I think I like it too.. Thanks! =)

  4. That first yellow dress is cute :) I also need a dress for a wedding of my gay buddy, so nervous because I can't find the perfect dress! :(


  5. aw soo cute!! it reminds me about the gay wedding in Sex and The City 2 =)
    hope you find a perfect dress soon!


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