Friday, May 11, 2012

New Honey

Oh it's been a while...
How are you blog.. and my fellow bloggers who are still kind enough to visit my blog thou I update lazily..?
I hope you're doing great.. :)

I just had a catch-up lunch with my best friends and doing the same thing as we did in University every time we go to the Mall : unplanned shopping.

but Hey!! Look what I found!!


Isn't pretty?
For me, it reminds me a lot to a pair of jelly shoes I got ages ago.
Pink flat jelly shoes... Oh where are you now, honey?

Different topic now. (Shit, I am a really bad writer)
Last night, I had the most delightful moment. It was epic, fun and of course, lotss of laugh!!
RUSSELL PETERSSSSS Notorious World Tour!!!!!
My boyfriend was very kind enough to bought us tickets a month ago and yes indeed we had a really, really "REAL BAD" time. Hehehehhe..
Too bad we were not allow to do any photography inside the venue.

For those who doesn't have any idea who he is, please enjoy this.

Happy weekend! ;)


  1. great shoes, i think i saw it yesterday in zara :)

  2. I love that shoes! they're gougeous!!!

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    Kisses *


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