Tuesday, January 25, 2011

going the distance

I've just watched a movie called Going The Distance. Drew Barrymore and Justin Long played as a couple suffering in a long distance relationship. The reason I wrote this entry is just as lame as I'm in the same situation.
Currently I have a boyfriend that is farrr away in Birmingham, UK. This is actually our second long distance relationship (LDR). The first one was on September 2008 until June 2009, when I was taking my final year of my undergraduate degree in Hatfield, UK. And then we have a year of normal relationship until he decided to continue his study in Birmingham last August 2010.

Birmingham and Jakarta has about 7 - 8 hours time difference. It really is suck! Like I miss him so much that I couldn't sleep, but he is still studying in his class. Well, he felt the same way to when I was in Hatfield. At first, I thought I don't want to do this all over again. But it makes me feel so selfish since he waited me sincerely. 

My suggestion for people who might think is this gonna work or not, it really is depends on the persons, not the relationship. You may curse how much you hate LDR and think that it ain't gonna work, but if you really believe that is gonna work, it will work. The key is communication and trust. As you can see above is the picture of me and my boyfriend on skype, MSN, and OOVOO. (Based on my experiences, I love skype.) And thank God to modern age of technology, we are now as far as Blackberry Messenger away..

However, every relationship has ups and downs. But in LDR, you might have bumpy and a lot of spices going on. If you believe that he is worth to wait, just work on it. I might be suffering and cursing a lot everyday, but for what is worth, I love him so...

Have a nice day!

Swollen Face and Feet

ladies market rocks!!
Just got back from Hong Kong. WOW its my first word.
I had this swollen face and feet since I've never been on much walking in Jakarta. Got a lot of new stuffs from Hong Kong. It's too bad we don't have enough time to go to the Wholesales industry area in Lai Chi Kok and Sham Sui Po.

Above is a picture of me on second day in Mong Kok. I had some gifts for my Mom and my besties. So happy!!!

Now I'm back to reality and still recover my jumbo feet.

Update soon after I can find my firewire Canon cable.


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

current status


Lame thing to say in my first blog, ever.

Ah well.. I'm very excited to have this new blog!! I had a couple of old accounts unopened, and after months collecting inspiration from other people's blogs, now I promise to myself that I will keep this one.
HA! *Let's see in couple of months later..

Now let me introduce myself...
My name is Pritta. I'm 23 years old, still living with my parents in Jakarta. I'm unemployed, and currently not looking for a job. Not that I'm lazy, but I have some couple of things to do before I start looking. (Long story, I will tell you next time)
I must say that I'm very ordinary, and still looking which career that I would pursue. Sometimes I feel that I'm in the middle of quarter-life-crisis kinda thing.. But I'm pretty stable now, and happy with my life.

This blog will tell you about everything that bother my mind, personal obsessions, personal stories and everything that I love and I loathe. All in all, is everything that 'chirp' in my mind.

Pardon me with my grammar. I used to be good in English, but since I left uni, I didn't do much writing in English,, So I'm practicing..

End for now.. See you next time..