Wednesday, January 19, 2011

current status


Lame thing to say in my first blog, ever.

Ah well.. I'm very excited to have this new blog!! I had a couple of old accounts unopened, and after months collecting inspiration from other people's blogs, now I promise to myself that I will keep this one.
HA! *Let's see in couple of months later..

Now let me introduce myself...
My name is Pritta. I'm 23 years old, still living with my parents in Jakarta. I'm unemployed, and currently not looking for a job. Not that I'm lazy, but I have some couple of things to do before I start looking. (Long story, I will tell you next time)
I must say that I'm very ordinary, and still looking which career that I would pursue. Sometimes I feel that I'm in the middle of quarter-life-crisis kinda thing.. But I'm pretty stable now, and happy with my life.

This blog will tell you about everything that bother my mind, personal obsessions, personal stories and everything that I love and I loathe. All in all, is everything that 'chirp' in my mind.

Pardon me with my grammar. I used to be good in English, but since I left uni, I didn't do much writing in English,, So I'm practicing..

End for now.. See you next time..


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