Monday, March 28, 2011

Praline Cooking Class by Chocolate School

Ahhh.. So happy that finally I got a chance to attend a cooking class! My dear friend, Grace, invited me and Pipin to join a workshop at Pasific Place. At first we thought we will only watch a demo. But luckily Grace has registered our name in Praline Workshop in the afternoon.. and it was for FREE! :)

Andy, the chef, has been very helpful in teaching us of how to make a great quality of Pralines. He explained a lot about the chocolates, and gave us some very useful tips.

These are some pictures I took along the demo and the workshop...
Again,, pardon me for the quality of the pictures.. (ahh, I should bring my digital camera next time!! Promise ;P)

making the chocolate shell

tempering the chocolates.
to make pralines, we have to make sure that we use real chocolate which contains cocoa oil, not the vegetable oil that actually not healthy and contains saturated fats (not good!). good proportion of chocolate also makes good thickness, which is not too runny and not easily melted as well.

don't forget to tap the shell to remove the air bubble

some recipes

 And there were still many steps followed until I got my own Pralines done..


Look nice, eh?!
Here is Pipin preparing her chocolate box. 

Well okayyyyy I cheated!
I only took pictures that look nice and neat. It was actually very messy... Even Andy said that our class is much more messy than the kid's class at their school. Hahahahha..
But actually I feel very satisfied with today's activity, especially when I get the lesson from the expert.
For those of you who actually looking for chocolate cooking class, I would love to recommend The Chocolate School by Tulip. You can look for further information in here


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